Authentication Service

Purpose: Terms of Use for members of the public to review and understand what they are agreeing to when they want to open a service request for authentication using the public facing portal

     1. About the Authentication Portal

The Authentication portal is a website that allows you to enter identifying personal information for authentication purposes that the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery (“ministry”) can use for the administration of authentication certificates.

     2. How we use your information

Your personal information (such as mailing and contact information) is provided to the ministry and will be accessed by the ministry to open an authentication service request. The information provided may also be used to mail out authenticated documents if the client selects the mail option.

     3. Contacting you

The information you provide through the portal may be used by the ministry to contact you for the purposes of your service request (I.e., issue with signature on document for authentication)

     4. Authorized collection, use and disclosure

The ministry’s collection, use and disclosure of your information, with your permission, is necessary for the proper administration of authentications services. These services are authorized  under the Ministry of Government Services Act.

     5. Your agreement

By agreeing to these terms and accessing the online portal to submit an authentication request you are agreeing to the ministry’s collection, use and disclosure of this personal information only for the purposes of authentication services.

  • To initiate service request online and add to service queue
  • To send confirmation email with service request number
  • To contact if any issues with service request, documents or payment
  • To verify submitted documents with other ministries or public institutions
  • To mail out documents and certificate of authentication if client requests mail option

The ministry will not further use or disclose your personal information, except for the purposes stated above.

    6. Privacy

You may refer to Ontario’s personal information and privacy rules for further information regarding privacy.  If you have any questions regarding the collection of personal information, please contact

      Manager, Official Documents Services,
      Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery,
      222 Jarvis St, Main Fl,
      Toronto ON M7A 0B6 
      Telephone 416-325-8416